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    Signed up 16 October 2016 at 3:47 a.m.

    Ivy Blue

    Alternative rock
    New Zealand
    Signed up 26 October 2015 at 5:39 a.m.

    Jas Josland

    New Zealand
    Signed up 19 May 2015 at 9:08 p.m.

    Eyreton hall

    Alternative Folk
    New Zealand
    Next bands around the globe
    Signed up 29 May 2023 at 11:07 p.m.

    Аура project

    Signed up 29 May 2023 at 9:09 p.m.

    Природа Ч

    Pop Rock Alternative
    • How to book your spot on stage Open or Close

      My band is signed to a small indie label. Are we still eligible?

      YES. We only ask that bands already signed to major labels abstain from registering in the festival to leave room for new, emerging bands to be heard.

      Will all expenses be paid if we make it to the international final?

      Yes. Emergenza will pay for the flight to and from Germany, accommodations and food.

      What can I win?

      Amazing prizes courtesy of our sponsors… Go the the prizes section to get all the details!

      Is there a registration fee to enter the festival?

      The enrollment fee PER BAND is $85.00 in US and 75CAD$ in Canada. This ONE TIME enrollment fee guarantees the band’s participation in the Elimination round of the festival in their city. The participants will under no circumstances whatsoever be required to pay further fees to the organization.

      What does Emergenza provide my band?

      Emergenza provides the venue, the technical organization, the sound man & backliner, & promotion… all you have to do is play! Emergenza will supply all materials: not only the sound system (p.a., microphones, stage monitors etc.), but also the back-line (guitar & bass amps, drum set, cymbals). All of the equipment is of top quality. Technicians (sound engineers & stage hands) are part of the venue’s, Emergenza’s and the affiliated music store’s staff.

      During the B.E.S.T. showcases, what expenses are covered by the organization?

      Travel (by means chosen by Emergenza) and accommodation expenses are covered.

      Who selects the bands for the CD compilation?

      The Local Manager along with Emergenza’s Special Projects and Talent-Scouting staff.

      How can my band register?

      Bands can register in three different ways: - In the stores (not in US and Canada) - Through the Website: The band’s information is automatically entered into the system when you fill out the online registration. The booking department at the head office will contact the band for a meeting. - By Phone: If you do not have access to the internet, you can call the head office where your info will be inserted into the system. If meeting dates are available at that time, you will be booked immediately; otherwise, you will be contacted when dates are confirmed.

      Can we pay the sign-up fee after having participated?

      No. Sorry.

      What is the deadline to enroll my band in the Festival?

      There's no due date for the enrollment. However, we STRONGLY recommend that you register as soon as possible – places are limited & fill up fast!

      I’m a solo artist. Can I participate?

      No, sorry. The festival is only open to bands with at least three members playing live instruments.

      I play in two bands. Can I participate with both of them in the same edition?

      Usually yes. But the bands can’t share more than half their members.

      Do we have to pay an enrollment fee?

      Yes. But unlike other contests or festivals, once you pay this one-time fee, you are GUARANTEED to play a minimum of one show in the eliminatory round in your city.

      Do I have to send Emergenza a demo or press kit?

      No. Emergenza does not do a pre-selection of bands before the concerts. It works on a “first come, first serve” basis. We prefer to let bands show us what they do on stage, and let the audience decide who they like best & let those bands advance to the next round. A demo is often most representative of a band’s financial assets, not of the quality of their songs!

      I can’t play anymore. Can I get the registration fee back?

      Yes If you have not yet met the Emergenza staff for the first meeting and you’ve already paid the fee, then yes, you will be entitled to a refund. Not if you already confirmed your concert date with us and we organised the gig for you.

      I registered by phone/on the Internet. Do I have to go pay the registration fee right away?

      The sooner you pay the registration fee, the sooner you can guarantee your spot in the festival. When we call to arrange the first meeting with each band, we will give priority to the bands who have already paid – it’s only fair. But you can wait to pay at our first meeting. Either way, your money is safe – should you change your mind about participating in the festival before a concert date is assigned, you will be reimbursed the full amount at the first meeting. Just remember to bring along your receipt!

      I tried registering online, but I got a message back saying the Festival was not happening in my region. I want to participate anyway!!! What do I do?

      The reason we screen out bands that live far from the cities where the festival takes place is: - We request that all bands members attend the meetings we organize before the concerts. There will be one 40min. meeting where our staff will explain in detail how the contest works, etc. There will also be a technical meeting a few days before your concert where we go over the technical requirements of your band. If you live too far away, you may not be able to come to these meetings. - If your fans live too far away, how can they come & support you? This would be a shame & unfair to you. If you are serious about your band & the festival, and really want to participate even if you live outside of town, just call the head office and we’ll see if we can work something out. - if there is a mistake, and you are within an hour of the city you wish to participate in, call the office and we’ll see what we can do.

      Why is the whole band expected to attend all the meetings?

      First because it’s important to explain the rules and the format of the festival to every single member of the band. We do not like misunderstandings, and often, band members who weren’t there will complain that they were not properly informed, etc. Secondly, we will assign the concert date for the band at the meeting therefore we need to make sure that everyone is available on that day – we can’t change a concert date once it’s assigned!! .

      When are the free materials given out?

      Usually these items are given out during the technical meeting, just before your show. Remember that musicians not attending the technical meeting will not receive their items. They are not entitled to them.

      To whom are the free materials given?

      To all the musicians that enroll in the festival and who are present at the technical meeting. You must be present to receive them.

    • The prizes Open or Close

      What can I win?

      Amazing prizes courtesy of our sponsors… Go the the prizes section to get all the details!

      When are the awards actually given?

      Awards (guitars, bass, amps, cymbals, and other minor prizes according with the choice of the sponsors) are given on the stage during the prizes ceremony at the end of most of the National Finals. Drum sets where available are usually sent to the drummer at home at Emergenza’s expense.

      Who selects the bands for the CD compilation?

      The Local Manager along with Emergenza’s Special Projects and Talent-Scouting staff.

      Who listens to the bands for Track1?

      Local Managers point out the more interesting bands to the TRACK1 Talent-Scouting department.

      Who selects the bands for the international showcases that are also organized by Emergenza?

      Local Managers point out the more interesting bands. The Holding Board will choose according to the Special Projects Section.

      Can we play on the same date as another group we know?

      It may happen. But we can’t guarantee it.

      What kind of music can we play at the Festival?

      Any style of music is welcome in the festival: rock, pop, urban, blues, funk, metal, etc. You can sing in any language you chose or be an instrumental band.

      Can we play covers?

      Yes. However, we suggest that you insert original material if you move on to the Final.

      Are free food and drinks provided for the musicians?

      No. We’re sorry. We don’t provide food or drinks. The venue usually keeps control of the bar.

      During the B.E.S.T. showcases, what expenses are covered by the organization?

      Travel (by means chosen by Emergenza) and accommodation expenses are covered.

      Can we play instrumental music?

      Yes. Any kind of music is welcome at Emergenza.

      Are we free to put on any type of performance on stage?

      Yes. You can put on any kind of performance. Be careful however to respect your state’s laws. There could be some regulation & restrictions regarding political messages or for types of performances that disrupt public order or that are dangerous (ie. Fire eating, fireworks, etc.).

      How long do we get to play at each concert?

      Your band has 30 minutes (including a 5 minutes change-over time) to strut your stuff & blow the audience away. It’s up to you to pick out your best material to showcase during those 25 precious minutes!

      If we play live, how can we protect our non-recorded songs against plagiarism?

      The simplest way is to send yourself a CD or tape by registered mail in a sealed envelope. The date of posting will serve as certificate in case of plagiarism. It’s also possible (but much more expensive) to certify your songs through a notary. But be careful! Some organizations don’t protect your songs against plagiarism, but only ensure that you get money from copyright.

      How is the concert time chosen?

      For the Eliminatory Round, the concert time is assigned randomly. Then, time and date of the concert are chosen according to the votes, position and time in the last round.

      Can we have the concert date changed?

      Absolutely not. Once a concert date is assigned there is no way that it can be changed. So before booking, make sure you have all of your band members' availability and schedule.

      Can we change the name of the band during the course of the Festival?

      No, we’re sorry. The name of your band is registered in our files. Changing this may cause big problem on the online booking system.

      Can we take photographs, or have video/audio recordings made at the show?

      Yes, generally this is not a problem. On some nights there may be restrictions, but you’ll be informed during our meetings if this is the case. However there are 2 conditions: a- This material is to be for personal use only (you can’t use them for professional means: broadcast, newspapers). b- Please provide a copy to your Local Manager.

      Can we use the Emergenza logo on fliers or posters made for promoting our concert night?

      Yes. The Emergenza logo can be used. You can download it from the Website. Just select “Media” and click on “Graphics Download”.

      Can we have an Author’s Rights statement?


      Who looks after getting the visas for musicians to participating in showcases abroad?

      Bands participating in showcases abroad must get their own papers and visas.

      Who looks after the transportation of a band’s personal instruments for showcases abroad?

      Bands participating in showcases abroad must take care of the transport of their own instruments. Usually, in Emergenza showcases, we provide a high-quality backline that saves the bands the troubles of transporting drum set and amps.

      Can we change the time of the sound check?

      You can ask your local manager, usually however, sound check times are fixed.

      Can we decide the means of transportation to international showcases?

      No. We’re sorry. The means of transportation (cars, airplane, etc.) will be determined by our management according to distance, time and budget.

      Can we bring friends backstage?

      No. No. No.

      If a technical problem causes a delay in the course of the concert, do we have the right to make up the lost time?

      No. Even if delays are due to technical problems and not your fault, unfortunately the situation is such that we can’t give you extra time. It’s also part of what playing live is all about! We assure you that we will do our best so that technical problems are reduced to a minimum.

      How can I get an advertisement or a review from a music critic on Emergenza’s Website?

      Emergenza promotes your band’s other concerts with pleasure and for free. You can insert the date of your other concerts on the Website in the section “Your other concerts”. It’s more difficult to have an advertisement or a review, because there are simply too many bands participating! But on the Website you can find an address where to send your demo and get a review from our critics in the Web Magazine. Emergenza’s management always listens to the music submitted by the bands and is also present during their live performances, so there is always the possibility for you to get a review on the Website. Emergenza Live Festival is a fair contest, and any registered band can receive a special promotion in addition to possible reviews and general information.

      If our time has run out in the middle of a song, can we finish the song anyway?

      You can finish the song, but we may get a bit crossed. This is why we require your set list with the timing of each song, so the Stage Manager can let you know when you only have 5 minutes left. We (and the other bands) do not appreciate if you go over time, as it affects the other band’s set length as well. Please stick to the rules, and consider your song choice carefully to make sure you don’t go over the allotted time.

      Can we set up a scene or put up a banner from our band on the stage?

      Not really, because we have our sponsors’ banners displayed above the stage. We may be able to arrange something depending on the management’s rules in each venue. We can only accept non-flammable banners & stage props. Make sure your materials conform to the regulations!

      What happens if a band is late or does not come at all to their soundcheck?

      We move along with our schedule! Bands who do not come to the soundcheck forfeit this privilege. No line-checks are done before the performance.

      What happens if a band is late for their performance?

      The length of the performance is reduced accordingly. This measure is taken in order to avoid delays in the other performances and problems with the bands who were punctual.

      What happens if a band doesn’t show up at all for the concert?

      The order of the performances may be modified, but no band will play earlier than scheduled.

      What happens if one or more bands go over their time in a performance

      The change over time will be reduced, and if necessary, so will show time. Rules are clear: 5 minutes for the change over and 25 minutes for the performance.

      How does the audience vote?

      The audience votes simply by raising their hands at the end of every band’s set. An M.C. will ask the public to vote for each band. The audience is welcome to vote for all of the bands playing that night.

      Can we vote for the other bands during the concert night?

      Yes, of course you can.

      Can the audience vote for only one band each night?

      No! Every single person in the audience is allowed & invited to vote for any and all bands each night. There is no limit on how many times a person can vote.

      Why do the bands proceed through the various steps of the festival by the audience’s vote?

      At the Eliminatory Round AND at the Semi-Finals the vote is cast by the audience only. The greatest advantage of an open audience vote by show of hands is that is a very fair and clear system. Emergenza can in no way cheat or change the result, as anyone in the audience can see and count the results for themselves. It’s very democratic! This way, the results reflect public opinion!

      Woah! Bands that bring in a lot of friends in the Eliminatory Rounds qualify even if they are not talented!

      This is rare but it may happen. Bands such as these however, don’t usually make it much past the eliminatory round. It is doubtful that their friends will pay again to come see them in a month or 2. Also, at the Semi-finals, the venue will be much larger and it will be impossible for a band to monopolize the place. At this level, only and truly the best bands will make it to the Regional Final. The trick for qualifying to the next round, especially at the Semi-Final stage, will be for a band to win the votes of those members of the audience that did not come to see them but that are discovering them for the first time, recognize their talent and enjoy their music.

      If we have been eliminated during the night, is there another way to move forward in the Festival?

      No. Sorry. The only way to move forward is determined by the rules of the Festival.

      How can you be sure about the exactness of the vote?

      In the 12 years that Emergenza has existed, we have tried many voting systems, as you may imagine. The one we’re using now - the show of hands - is the most accurate we have found so far. There is often 2 people counting - for accuracy & fairness. Statistics show that there is an error margin of more or less 3%, and that is why when there is a very small difference between 2 bands (i.e. one band gets 150 votes and the other 147 votes), the bands will be declared tied and both will qualify (provided there is enough room in the next round).

      And if we disagree with the final count?

      Everyone at Emergenza pays great attention to the counting of the votes, and this in a very accurate fashion. For no reason are the result discussed or reconsidered after they have been announced.

      Our public was not in the venue because they arrived late so they couldn’t vote for us.

      Unfortunately, we cannot account for individuals who were not present. Only those with their hands up are counted and their votes make the difference. Make sure your fans know what time you’re playing – and that they get there at least 1/2 hour before in case of delays at the door etc.

      Some of the other bands’ public raised two hands!!

      We automatically disqualify the vote of anyone with two hands up.

      When we played there was less people compare to the other bands!

      Even if this happens, it’s is part of the game. Sometimes a big crowd comes at the beginning of the show and then leaves before of the end; sometimes people come later and miss the first concerts, etc. We cannot adjust the number of votes relative to the number of people in attendance – it would be an impossible calculation! Alternatively, if we waited to count votes at the end of the night, how could the audience remember which band was which? Or, if we wait for everyone to be in the audience, the show would never begin…. or end at 3AM! We just consider (and count) the votes of people present in the venue at the end of each band’s concert. So tell your public to be there!

      Where can I find the results from concert nights?

      Check out our Website for all the listings & results. First choose your language, then your city to get all results & ranking of each night.

      When is there a jury present?

      Only at the Regional and International Finals.

      How are the members of the jury chosen?

      The management will select, individuals with different qualifications and experiences in the music industry: music critics, A&R, promoters, representatives of the music industry, to have diverse perspectives and an overall fair judgment.

      Where can I find the jury’s detailed votes?

      Check out our Website. Just choose the Final for your city and you will have the detailed results by the board of jury.

      How do the finals work?

      12 to 14 bands play in the same night (in the Regional Finals there are also the band/s coming from the other finals. The guest band/s always play in the middle of the night). Each one performs for 20-22 minutes. The change over in between the bands in 2-3 minutes. During the Final there are no good or bad slot to play: all slots are equal. To be really fair to every band performing we don’t give out the exact time of the show. The night is divided into three 1,5 hour slots. Bands are told in which one of these 3 groups they will perform but not given an exact time to avoid having people show up for just one performance or at the start of the band’s show.

      How does the judging work during the finals?

      The jury will award technical prizes to any of the 14 bands performing in the Final. During the final the judging is shared in between the public and the jury. At the end of each performance the public votes by show of hands. When the last performance is over, the jury will meet and chose the best musicians which will receive the technical prizes. After that, we will give them the names of the 6 bands with the top votes as per the public. The jury then decides which one of the 6 bands deserves to be the winner.

      How does admission to the shows work?

      Emergenza provides each band with 100 tickets so that they can approach their fans directly. Band’s fans and friends can save money if they buy tickets in advance from the bands themselves, as advance tickets will cost less then they will at the door. Each band will have the same number of tickets to sell, thus ensuring that no one band can fill the entire room with only their fans. Bands are under no obligation to sell tickets. They are provided for their own promotion. It may be difficult, however, to qualify for the next round by bringing no audience support at all; this is after all the audience’s choice.

      Do we have to pay for the tickets in advance?


      When do we have to return the money and the unsold tickets?

      All money & unsold tickets are to be returned by the band just before their sound check the day of the concert.

      Can we sell the complimentary tickets and keep the profits?

      Yes. If you sell tickets and reach the required number as per the agreement, you can use the free tickets as you see fit – sell them or give them away.

      Don’t you think the ticket price is a bit high?

      The price is higher to encourage the audience to stay longer than just their friend’s set. We want them to enjoy all 4 hours of music, discovering new, talented bands.

      Is it important that the bands themselves promote their own show?

      Yes, of course. It’s up to Emergenza to organize an unforgettable concert, to provide young bands with the best technical conditions possible. However, producing concerts with a lot of musicians on stage but in front of a tiny audience is less rewarding. Emergenza will announce and advertise the concerts in all major newspapers, weeklies, on the radio and the Internet, and will also announce all bands’ concert date & time on our Website. However, this promotion does not guarantee that we will reach each band’s public directly. It is often difficult to attract an audience to come see up & coming bands which they have never heard of. It is thus important for bands to also do their own promotion. The Festival bases itself on an agreement of mutual effort between itself and the bands: both must work to ensure a great audience for the nights. To do that, we will give bands some posters; on each poster there is a blank space where the bands can put their name, set time, etc. We will also provide each band with 100 tickets so they can approach their public directly.

      Are tickets valid for every night?

      No. Tickets are only valid for the night when the band selling them is playing.

      Can we leave tickets at the door and have them picked up by people in our audience?

      Yes, as long as they are paid in advance in the afternoon before the sound check.

      Do friends, boyfriends/girlfriends, parents etc. have free admission?

      No, We’re sorry. There are no free tickets for people outside the band. But if you sell the required mount of tickets to arrive at the ones, you can give those out to whoever you wish.

      After the concert if we have some unsold tickets can we get a refund? Or can we use them for other nights?

      No, we’re sorry. Pre-sold tickets are non refundable. Also the tickets are dated for each night and that means that you cannot use them for other nights

      What happens if we lose the tickets we were responsible for?

      Unfortunately you will have to pay for them… Don’t lose them!

      How is the ticket price decided?

      The price is set by Emergenza’s Head Quarter, depending on production & rental costs as well as cost of living in each country/city.

      Can we come to see the other concerts in the Festival for free?

      Yes. All musicians participating in the Festival can see the concerts in every city in Europe or in North America for free. You can request your free voucher on the website (by following the link ‘Complete Festival Schedule….’) Friends and family coming with you will have to pay.

      Can we invite a journalist or a producer for free (without paying the ticket)?

      Yes. Media & industry people can attend the shows for free. You have to inform your local Emergenza office or your Local Manager in advance of the name of your guests. The guests must present themselves at the entrance on the night of your performance with a business card that confirms their identity and qualifications.

      Who can have free tickets or invitations?

      People involved in music business can have a free ticket: journalists, managers, record company editors, promoters, booking agents, impresarios.

      What does Emergenza provide my band with?

      Emergenza provides the venue, the technical organization, the sound man & backliner, & promotion… all you have to do is play! Emergenza will supply all materials: not only the Sound system (p.a., microphones, stage monitors etc.), but also the Back-line (guitar & bass amps, drum set, cymbals). All of the equipment is of top quality. Technicians (sound engineers & stage hands) are part of the venue’s, Emergenza’s and the affiliated music store’s staff.

      Is percussion provided by the organization?


      Is there a keyboard provided?


      Can we bring our own sound technicians?

      No, sorry. Emergenza’s sound engineer is the only responsible for the night and for the equipment. However if you want your sound tech to assist our engineer, he can sit by his side. Regardless, Emergenza’s engineer is the only one that can make decisions and touch the controls.

      Which piece of my drum set can I bring?

      You can bring your snare drum, drum pedal, electronic pads and other small percussions.

      Can we have special lighting effects?

      Sometimes we can arrange special lighting, depending on management and technicians’ rules in each venue. Bring it up at your technical meeting & we’ll see what’s possible.

      Can we use our guitar/bass effects?

      Yes, of course!

      Can we use our own guitar/bass amplifiers?

      No, we’re sorry. Amps are provided by the organization and all the bands have to use the same backline.

      Can we use our cymbals?

      No, we’re sorry. Cymbals are provided by the organization and all the bands have to use the same ones.

      Can we use our own microphone to sing?

      No, we’re sorry. Microphones are provided by the organization and all the bands have to use the same kind of microphones. This is to avoid many technical problems and unnecessary time delays!

      Can we bring our own stage technicians?

      No. We totally trust our experienced staff with our sponsors’ equipment.

      Our drummer is left-handed. How is this managed from a technical point of view?

      Bands with left-handed drummer or with numerous musicians usually play first or last. It’s a matter of technical efficiency to ensure the best sound reduce the time between the bands.