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    www.emergenza.net privacy policy

    Data Controller

    Eurotime Italia s.r.l., established in in Viale della Tecnica 245, 00144 Rome, Italy (later defined as “the Data Controller” or “the Controller”), hereby grants to be fully compliant with the current legislation about personal data protection and, specifically, to what is required by the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”, Reg. n. 679/2016/UE).

    Types of data, purposes of processing, nature of processing

    Data collected while browsing the website: the browsing of “Emergenza.net” website leads to collect some personal data that are implicitly included in the communication protocols that make the Internet work. Those data (such as: domain name, IP address, operating system, kind of device used, browser) are not linked to any kind of personal information and they are used only to build anonymous statistics about website usage, for website control purposes and in order to find any liability for eventual digital crimes.

    Data voluntarily submitted by the user: the user submits his/her personal data through the registration form and they are used for:
    a) Allowing the registration of the user to the platform and insert him/her in the list of artists that could partecipate to events and competitions of the “Emergenza Festival”;
    b) Allowing the user to be contacted by the managerial staff of “Emergenza.net” when competitions are organized in places of his/her interest;
    c) Allowing the user to receive occasional e-mail messages about events linked to “Emergenza Festival” in places that may be of interest to him/her.

    Data obtained after access throught the “Connect to Facebook” buttonwhen the user registers to “Emergenza.net” website by using the “Connect to Facebook” button, there will be access to other kind of data that Facebook makes available through their APIs.

    The legal basis that justifies the data processing can be found in the willing to consent to get and process the personal data of the users and allow them to be a candidate in the competitions. The users will not receive any other kind of communication except those strictly tied to “Emergenza.net” activities.

    If the user doesn’t allow to process his/her data, “Emergenza.net” will not be able to offer the service.

    Kind of data processing and length of data retention

    The collected data will be processed using electronic devices and through manual processing operated only for personal data processing. In any case, the data collected and processed are safe and treated under the principle of “data minimisation”.

    People authorized to process data

    The processing of collected data is conducted by people working for the Data Controller that follow the guidelines and the current laws about personal data protection.

    The Data Controller may appoint one or more third parties as Data Processors if the material and technical activities connected to the data processing will need this to be done.

    However, it could happen that the software infrastructure and/or its database may require updates or maintenance that must be performed by third parties. These parties could access to the database of the collected data, so they will be specifically authorized to do that by the Processor and they will be contractually tied to respect the current legislation about personal data protection.

    Data transfer to foreign countries

    The data processing made by “Emergenza.net” happens on servers that are located in the European Union territory and transferring the data to foreign countries is expected and limited just to activities connected to the “Emergenza Festival” events.

    Rights of the data subject

    The data subject has the right to:
    • Access to his/her personal data to correct or to update them;
    • Oppose to the data processing or to require limiting the procressing;
    • Ask for data removal (through anonymization) or to port the data to a differente Data Controller (after making sure that data can be transferred).

    The full list of rights granted to the data subject is available at this link.

    The rights above are granted to the data subject and they can be activated by sending an e-mail to privacy@emergenza.net.

    Last update:

    Jan 18th, 2019