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27 April 2009

Sonic Syndrome
It seems like only yesterday, only today is more like yesterday than yesterday was last Saturday... in any case, Sonic Syndrome started in Cudahy California, in the fall of 2003 as a nameless idea between the now beat-tastic drummer Pinch, and lead vocals/rhythm guitar Sisco. Idea into a way of life as Backup Vocals/Bassist Jesse was recruited, and BAM! 5 songs in about 2 months, it had to be fate. Sonic Syndrome, Not really punk, not quite alternative, definitely rock, but mostly a disease you can't get out of your head. We don't have a specific sound because we have too many different inspirations and ideas to keep churning out the same ol' stuff, and with the latest addition of Rob (Lead Guitar) to add that extra kick of whupass, we're never gonna stop evolving. As we all know evolution is a mystery.
Francisco Merino    27 April 2009 07:45