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19 October 2009

Agency of Record
Are they on a mission? Hell no, they’re here quite simply to extinguish the played out ideals of conventional hard rock. The band was formed in 2007 with Jim on guitar, Lemar on bass, Eric on guitar/vocals, and Chad on drums. Out of the depths of New Jersey’s overwhelmed rock scene, Agency of Record brings back the truly visceral experience of rocking your face off.

“We sound like the bastard child of Radiohead and System of a Down who was then raised by Refused and Nirvana,” states Eric (singer/guitar). Their music goes past the breaking point, stomps out predictability, and simultaneously maintains a serendipitous melody. Totally avoiding the “formula” of what hard rock is supposed to be, their scratched up clangs, driving percussion, and apocalyptic power chords crescendo emotion to a climactic release. They will leave you emotionally drained, breathing heavily, and asking for more. This is their band, this is what they do.

Appealing to the ever-so-important 18-35 age group, they cover a wide range of musical tastes. By dismissing the “we sound like” mentality, they allow the band’s varied musical tastes to develop and converge to their inevitable indigenous conclusion, consequently pushing their sounds to a variety of genres.

Agency of Record is the real deal and in the truest sense of the word, they simply ROCK! So if all you’re interested in is hearing “today’s greatest hits” while watching a leather-clad rock wannabe icon show off his color-coordinating capabilities, go see a cover band, cause Agency of Record isn’t for you. But if you think you’re ready for a raw roller coaster assault on all your senses, come give them a listen. They’ll bring to life the joy and passion that come with a true rock experience. With that in mind, listen up, listen loud, and hope to God the high-decibel volume doesn’t cause your ears to bleed. Most importantly,’s supposed to be fun.
Charles Lemar    19 October 2009 02:45