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08 November 2009

The Prettiest Meltdown
"zeros & ones" is a brand new rocktronic group based out of the new york metro area. they compose a style of music that equates to a new realm and dimension of hard rock & electronic based influences. consisting of drums, guitars, bass, programming and vocals, don’t assume anything until your ears experience the meltdown. one thing that really sets this band apart is their ability to morph from track to track. there is no one style that encompasses this act. no classic structure mapping out the members. they do what they want when they want. "zeros & ones" have been hard at work completing their debut album (anatomy of silence) and booking shows up and down the east coast. if you think the music is crazy, you should see the show!
"zeros & ones" achieve their sounds with the help of gibson, boss, ibanez, tama, sabian, kurzweil, line 6, roland, tortex, cort, shure, monster, fender, gallien-krueger, ampeg. thank you everyone! ;)
Danielle Patoir Patoir    08 November 2009 12:40