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20 November 2009

Akosted is a band consisting of four ridiculous friends that love playing music together. The members are Tim Apple on lead vocals/guitar, Mike Rudin on guitar, Ricky Boyer on bass/vocals and Mike Garrett on drums/vocals.
Tim and Mike grew up in Apple Valley and had played in bands together since they were kids. A few years after high school, Tim and Mike Rudin made the decision to enroll at Musicians Institute in Hollywood, Ca. with two other high school friends. At that time, the four of them were in a band called The Inquiry. Differences within the band resulted in them going their separate ways, so they just concentrated on their education.
In March of 2007, Tim and Mike Rudin graduated from Musician’s Institute. They started writing new material and looking for a new band to play with. They thought about their old friend Mike Garrett, who played drums. Mike grew up in Riverside, Ca. and moved to the High Desert at the beginning of high school. After playing with mike for almost a year they found a bass player.
Ricky from Assorted Jelly Beans decided to play bass for them. Ricky grew up in Riverside, Ca. and has stayed there throughout his life. Ricky’s house is where the band is always practicing. Ricky ended up being the best piece of the puzzle Akosted could have ever wanted. With the band fully formed, Akosted now plays shows anywhere and everywhere possible throughout Southern California.
Tim Apple    20 November 2009 12:50