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21 September 2004

The Cypher Cell
Cypher Cell's music is exactly as the name implies: a wall of sound that literally
defies almost every attempt at categorization; a genre-bending riddle wrapped in an
enigma. Indeed, this is the ultimate goal of the band - to make the listener say "I
have no idea what I just heard. but I like it." Grounded in the tried and true song
structures and catchy hooks that comprise pop sensibility, all other stylistic
traditions are at once tossed to the wind, as industrial breakbeat and progressive
house grooves weave an incendiary and defiant flame around live instruments.

This hybridized fusion of live musical talent with cutting edge electronic
programming produces a groove-oriented music that some have described as "Rock meets
Electronica." The live show faithfully replicates the sound of the recordings and
a typical performance includes real-time digital editing, breakbeat /progressive
house and traditional rock vocals peppered with blistering guitarwork, gliding
basslines and arena-ready drums. The music is groundbreaking not only with respect
to its enigmatic writing style but also in its live performance delivery, merging
studio trickery, programmed beats and samples with live instruments and
improvisation. It is an underground movement based in what is truly possible in a
musical world without boundaries. Club kids, rockers and fans of numerous other
genres should not leave disappointed.

James Blackstock    21 September 2004 12:00