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12 October 2004

Runnin Blind
Runnin Blind came to be back in September of 2001. Jay and Oscar had recently moved to Orlando from Puerto Rico in order to pursue a musical carrer. After a couple of months of searching and getting to know the local scene, Jay came accross Los and found out about his interest in forming a band also. Then it was in september that the guys got together for the first ime, up in Winter Park. From the beginning it was clear that the music that Runnin Blind was going to create would be different from that of other artists in the area. Without trying on any musical cliches, the band set up to mix all of their musical influences and their ethnical heritage into the melting pot that would become Runnin Blind's sound. Rock, Prog, Salsa, Funk, Jazz, R&B and other styles where fused to develope a unique style that has won over many fans.

The band went through a couple of lineups and then in February of 2004, the current encarnation of Runnin Blind was finalized with the addition of Italo and then Eddie in May.
Javier Perez    12 October 2004 12:00