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23 October 2004

There For Tomorrow
There for Tomorrow is comprised of four extremely talented young men who have developed their music with wisdom and experience beyond their years. They fuse together various styles of Rock, notably Post Hardcore with Punk and Metal influences attracting audiences of all ages who are drawn to the riveting sensations of their music.
The birth of There for Tomorrow into the music scene has produced their debut album, Point of Origin. The album is filled with visceral lyrics, heavy guitar duos and fast paced rhythms. Point of Origin is full of kinetic energy and will keep your heart racing and your head banging. The guitars battle and balance each other for a melodic and aggressive sound all at once. Everything on the album is strong, heavy, and overstated.
Despite their youth, There for Tomorrow is musically conscious and their debut album showcases their advanced musicianship and developed thoughtful and emotional lyrics. Point of Origin is the first chapter of what will be a long journey through life and music for these four young men.
Check out for 4 full length songs.
Drina Wolfgramm WPRecords    23 October 2004 07:36