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01 November 2004

From the ashes of two notorious bands, Preachers & Pornstars arose in the summer of 2006. Shannon Parsons, formerly of Babelfish 42 and Craig Byer of 3 Way Conversion both lost integral components of their bands – a drummer and a front man. The two decided to merge the remaining members and create a powerhouse of sound. “Convincing Craig wasn’t easy,” said Parsons. Convincing the others was. The rest is history in the making.

Preachers & Pornstars is comprised of Shannon Parsons, vocalist; Craig Byer, drummer; Ron Cochran, bass; and The Amazing Mike Jones, guitar. Charismatic and primal, Parsons seduces his audience with the melodic lyrics that morph into haunting screams. Intense, raw and emotional feelings are evoked when he takes the stage. Jones, a virtual guitar prodigy, may be young but his styling transcends his years. Fans have referred to Jones as the reincarnation of Randy Rhodes. Cochran’s rhythmic bass renders thunderous sounds that vibrate your soul. Byer’s rock-steady beats are the backbone of their sound. Together the four produce a sound that combines every aspect of rock. A musical freight train that won’t let you off, Preachers & Pornstars take you on a journey that will change your perception of modern music.

Enjoy the ride.
Craig byer    01 November 2004 05:39