3 run lead is Jonathon Jircitano on lead vocals, Matthew Oxley on lead guitar and vocals, Chase Worrell on guitar, Noble Cummings on bass, and Johnny Angel on drums, but that's only who we are, it's not what we are; that's much harder to describe. I guess we're lucky really because we're all friends and we get along, but none of us are the same; everyone brings something to the band besides their instrument. Jonathon has the creative, musical, almost mad scientist thing going on; sometimes it's like the notes and melodies just pour out of him as if he has nothing to do with it; he's just a vessel of the song. Noble is the stoic. He's a philosopher of the highest order because he doesn't know that he is one. His thoughts aren't whim; they are belief; not to mention the kid's fingers can fly. Johnny. What a crazy mo' floppy. This kid is the weirdest individual I know, and I love him for it. Anytime a song is stu ck somewhere in the writing process he's always the one pushing it to take it to the most extreme places it can go, which is always inspiring. Matthew Oxley is the brand new addition to the band, our resident human canvas. (He has a thing for gettin' tatted.) He also happens to be one of the most musically inclined people I know, you name an instrument and this guy can probably play it. Then there's me. Chase. I guess I'm the resident writer, journalist, poet; typified by the fact that I am writing this biography for us right now. I don't really want to talk myself up like I did the other guys, but if you want to hear me be conceited just contact me.

Noble and I have been jamming for at least four or five years, an amount of time like that isn't really worth counting exactly. After about two years of floating around we started playing and writing with Jonathon, and 3 run lead was born. Our first drummer was Mitch Meader, much love to the man that started the beats or us, but due to complications he could no longer play. The latest incarnation includes a slightly left of center drummed named Johnny, and a very recent addition of some harmony and creativity in the form of Matthew Oxley. With this combination we have been writing tons of new material and if I tried to place this new stuff into any particular genre I am confident that I would have a difficult time. I can tell you this: the guitar riffs are good, the bass lines are spectacular, the drums are sometimes flashy but always heartfelt, and the lyrics are just warm enough to inspire...well, us at least.

So, check back often for show dates and, any time you get the chance, come out and rock with us.

This biography written under the influence of The Breakfast Club, refrigerated pizza, and caffeine.

Chase Worrell    08 November 2004 12:00