Saint Peters, Missouri? This town has a tendency to grow some angry, bored, and bitter little children with little to no culture. Enter "SPATIK," the powerful four piece rock band hailing from the center of Saint Peters at Church Street. This explosive Five Piece features Shane Wagoner's guitar playing, passionate vocals and thoughtful lyrics, Jon Wayne Jones thunderous bass playing, Joe Cozart, and Matt Luker's muscular and precise guitar riffs, and drummer Barry Peraino's "Short Bus" attack on the skins. SPATIK does well at utilizing elements of progressive hard rock, moody, heavy jazz riffs, and even some tastes of punk thrown in for good measure. The groups' patented style includes a complete lack of pretense, a commitment to energy, and at their best moments, hooks from each and every direction.
After playing around town for a couple of years, the five piece is on a focus to release their debut album sometime in the spring of 2005 which will satisfy the urges of fans and friends who know the group as a great live act with only a couple of small demos to its recording credit. SPATIK currently is on the local label "Supergod Recordings" and at the present are planning a small tour upon the release of their album.

Barry Peraino    17 November 2004 12:00