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19 November 2004

The Alphabetical Order
You know you owned a copy of Siamese Dream. If you didn't, stop reading this and buy one RIGHT NOW - you still have a chance at a meaningful life. You remember there was that time, let's call it "The Glorious '90s," when there were so many awesome bands such as Failure, HUM, The Afghan Whigs, Sunny Day Real Estate, Jawbox, etc. that all rocked. Rocked like there was nothing greater in the world, and made you feel like there wasn't. When whiny anorexic kids and fat, bald howlers didn't rule the radio, assaulting your ears with superficial songs about girls who treated them badly/all the pain they feel (I mean, get some Advil and shut up). When bands with two people and no talent, or banshee-singing by ugly guys with goofy haircuts over beats that New Order threw out 20 years ago was not considered hip. There was a time when the rock was true, and it was good, and the people smiled, and the land was fruitful, and the president got head from big-haired women.

Isn't it about time to bring that feeling back? Sans the big haired women.
Gavin Dunaway    19 November 2004 12:00