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25 November 2004

Last November
Last November Bio
Luke Pilgrim - Guitar & Vocals
Stephen Milhollin - Keys & Vocals
Ronny Barrett - Bass & Arial-Calisthenics
Taylor Woodruff - Drums & Vocals

2004 has been a big year for Georgia Indie rock band Last November. Starting work on their first studio album, coupled with winning all four battle of the bands events that they entered, the last one in August being the highly competitive "Tree Sound Studios 8th Annual Battle Of The Bands", in Atlanta. Combining elements of emo and alternative rock, while writing and performing far beyond their years, Last November has created a sound so unique that it's boundaries are limitless. Front man Luke Pilgrim who has been playing clubs since age 11, and Stephen Milhollin (keys/vocs) have been playing together for about four years now. Bassist Ronny Barrett joined the duo three years ago and happily (and easily) switched to bass when the band acquired world competition drummer Taylor Woodruff in mid-2002. That’s when the chemistry of this power-alternative machine fell completely into place. "We never really thought about what genre we wanted to be. We just wrote music and always tried to avoid putting a label on it because, inevitably, that label or labels would confine us and keep us from growing" says, lead vocalist Luke Pilgrim. Pilgrim does the majority of the writing for Last November but readily adds that "each of the other members are very crucial to the songwriting process. People would always ask us, 'what kind of music do you play?' and we'd be like, uhh… rock, or we'd all spout out different styles of music that we incorporate into ours." Although the band’s fan base stretches across many counties in the scenic foothills of North Georgia, recent gigs at major metro venues like The Hard Rock Café and the Masquerade in Atlanta and the Tremont Music Hall in Charlotte are pulling the guys closer and closer to the big city lights (and stages).

With constant "in your face" interaction with fans, pounding triplets and syncopated guitar riffs, LAST NOVEMBER blends smooth harmonies with gut wrenching screams for an over-all sound that combines the slickness of some massive production CDs with raw and radical stage delivery for nothing but fun for everyone in the audience.

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Merv Pilgrim    25 November 2004 10:20