23 Skadoo brings its energetic blend of rock and 3rd wave ska to the stages of Emergenza. Whether it’s the driving beats flavored with Jamaican rhythms that easily find their way to the soul, or the commanding horn lines that enchant you like the sweet voices of the sexy-ass Sirens, audiences can’t help but get their skank on when 23 Skadoo lets it rip.

With an all-star lineup of some of the DC area’s top musicians, this group knows how to bring the goods. Pushing the whole mess is a rhythm section jam-packed with talent and flavor, while the solid horn crew lays down the contagious hooks. Pulling it all together is the undeniably erotic voice of one of the hottest female vocalists in the music industry. She not only charms a crowd, but backs every word with fists of fury.

Years of collaboration, dedication, and fine-tuning have yielded a band with the power and precision rarely displayed in modern ska groups. 23 Skadoo is an intensely charged, action fumed, hell-bent group of hooligans who have discarded their simple way of life in search of rock, love, debauchery, and hot wings.
Tyras Madren    09 December 2004 12:00