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15 December 2004

Broken Stigma
The history of Broken Stigma is a long one, dating back to 1999 when Ryan and Gary first played together. Over time, members have come and gone, and now we bring you one of the most diverse collisions of musical influences... breaking the stigma of the young musician, this is Broken Stigma

Pat Tweed (Bass/Keyboard/Vocals) - Providing the bottom end, and a new direction for the band's material, Pat is the music whiz of the band. His influences lie in classical, and jazz based piano.

Gary Keefer (Drums) - With his influences lying all over the place, ranging from Jazz to Heavy Metal, "Keefer Madness" is a very versatile player, as is reflected in the bands material. From the quiet stuff to the full ahead rockers, Gary's playing is always right on spot.

Ryan Thompson (Guitar/Vocals) - Ryan's background is in the blues based rock of the 60s-70s, and as such, his playing is always seasoned with a taste of the blues.

Ryan Thompson    15 December 2004 12:00