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02 January 2005

Air 5
Punk rock trio based in Nashville, TN. Live show is full of energy, emotion, and laughter. We're three Christian guys who love music, so a lot of the songs have Christian influence in the writing... but a lot of them are just songs about what we're going through right now in our lives. We strive to connect with the audience and make everyone smile! I mean Geez! It seems like nowadays all the bands are just so depressed all of the time and while depression and anger DEFINATELY have their place in rock music, we think that there should also be an up-side to counter it. The songs reflect the three things we love most in life...God, Girls, and Fun. The music is about real life. Its about going to work and hating every minute of it... running off the road and totally destroying your dad's car... and constantly getting denied by girls (which never happens because we are incredibly HOTT!). Peace...I'm out!
Ben Peeples    02 January 2005 07:09