It all started in early ‘99’, with five squeaky voices, and two, yes, two Bass Players. The then ‘Grain of Sand’ or ‘Malage’ at the time, consisted of six members. We were a struggling band with not enough practice. Quickly, two members left and then there were four; Keith, Donnie, Doo and Trevor. We began to become a little more serious. We practiced more often and started learning Metallica songs.

We got our first ‘gig’ at a rundown, podunk bar in New Delhi, IL which we can’t quite remember the name of. It was around this time that Keith left the band, Donnie started playing Lead Guitar and then there were three. This left us with a conflict, We needed a Drummer!

From this point, we went through SIX different Drummers and none of them could keep up. So, after two years of being a three piece band, we got fed up with being without a drummer and Donnie convinced us to let him play the drums. Once again, we had to find a Lead Guitar player. We found this in Nathan Crone.

We were all thoroughly impressed by Nathan’s, Eddie Van Halen like style which in turn added a new element to the band.

We are now currently involved with MW Productions/Records and we are working on our first album, ‘The Great Malage’. Keep your eyes and ears open for shows around the St. Louis area.

Debra Crisswell    09 January 2005 10:48