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13 February 2005

Sober Otis
Hard work, determination, and a clear vision are three must-have qualities in any successful musical venture. Johnson City based SOBER OTIS proudly wear these traits on their tattooed, rock and roll sleve each time they hit the stage. Don't let the name fool you, these guys are serious about their trade and leaving a permanent impression on the ears of those who tire of the trend-induced parade of bands force-fed to the general public. And their track record proves it. Joining together in the year 2000, SOBER OTIS soon defined themselves as a hard-edged, modern rock band with the commercial appeal to market to the masses. Building from a foundation based on an unforgettable mix of melody and power, these four musicians have forged their own influences and experiences together to become an unstoppable juggernaut in the modern rock scene. The years that followed became a whirlwind of live shows and an ever-expanding buzz in the Southeast region. Release of their self-titled debut CD only intensified the heat from the band. The first week of sales generated enough to make a dent in the Soundscan reports to start attracting label interest. Soon after, SOBER OTIS earned even more attention on the national level, sharing stages with recording acts such as: Saliva, Seven Mary Three, The Josh Todd Band, and ManMadeGod. These accomplishments quickly won them a sponsorship with Jagermeister. Regional radio has also been taking notice and stock in the band, making SOBER OTIS one of the most nominated band in the history of the WRZK Edgies awards. This, combined with the fact that they are the most in-demand band of the Tri-Cities,(continuously breaking their own records) solidifies the growing popularity of the band. They have even took the SOBER OTIS brand across to other forms of entertainment, having a Pro-Stock Drag Racing team named after them. Whereas most acts would become content with this level of success, SOBER OTIS refused to stop there. The band just released a five song e.p., songs that outshine their previous efforts in every shape, form, and fashion. As the first album established a rock-solid base as which to build upon, the new e.p. reconfirms their staying power. And not to be ones who rest their heels with this latest release, SOBER OTIS has already begun pre-production on their next full-length CD. The results are in, one of the bands to watch in the upcoming year is SOBER OTIS. The one-two punch of their quality songwriting combined with the explosive live show is sure to impress even the most hardened critics of the genre. So listen up, SOBER OTIS is for real and coming soon near you....
Karen Fig    13 February 2005 03:02