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01 July 2005

“One of the most original bands to hit the music scene in recent years”. Hailed by critics and fans, DIZZYLILACS hard hitting, melodic style is refreshingly new, and intelligent.

DIZZYLILACS founded in sunny Ventura County, California, as a three piece power band without the garage band sound. Each of the members have completely different influences which is the success of their original sound. The influences range from rock to jazz. In turn, concludes the final product, straight ahead, melodic/indie rock, an emotional psychosis.

The members of DIZZYLILACS consist of Paul Hoagland on drums, and percussion. Mark Van Fleet on bass and vocals, and Damon Tidwell on guitars. Their blend of different influences bring about a strong sense of versatility and flexibility in song writing and arrangement. With all of that in mind, they bring a powerful, energetic live performance, definitely worthy of recollection.

Playing venues from San Francisco to San Diego, Hollywood to Las Vegas, DIZZYLILACS mainstay right now is in, and around the Los Angeles and Hollywood area, but are working on shows to the Eastern coast, Central and Southern States included. The ambitious nature of DIZZYLILACS will put you in awestruck.

DIZZYLILACS manages to keep the ball rolling in their court. Currently, DIZZYLILACS is having regular rotation on the Kaleidoscope Show, featured on the American Radio Network(ARN), which has been airing since 1968, and broadcasting nationwide, across the globe, including London, England.

Just recently. DIZZYLILACS had airplay and a live interview on WMEL in Florida. It also streamed live online on Tropical Radio. DIZZYLILACS now has over 25 digital distributors including iTunes, Napster, Sony Connect, & Music Now.

Damon Tidwell    01 July 2005 11:08