Not far from an Emu farm, comes a band from north of Milwaukee, Wisconsin called “Once the Sun.” All six members have been playing for years and have all played in different genres of music in various bands. The members of “Once the Sun” can be called a big family, because they have known each other for years. Josh and Sam are brothers, Eric, Josh and Jay have been friends since elementary school, Sam and Anna have known each other for years, Sam, Josh, and Matt have worked together before on a previous project.

Once the Sun was only thought of as a dream at first and was first talked about in June of 2004. Every element in the band was there except for one thing, a guitar player. Auditioning began in late June for a guitar player and after much deliberation a choice could not be made between Eric Kassens and Jason Rabus. The band decided that with the different styles of music that Jason and Eric brought to the table and their different playing styles, it would be more beneficial to have them both in the band and “Once the Sun” was born in August of 2004.

“Once the Sun” does not hold itself to one genre of music. With all six members being influenced by bands ranging from Pink Floyd to Pantera and everything in between, it is hard to classify “Once the Sun” into one style of music. You can clearly hear all their influences on their three-song demo, “The Sun Has Risen”.

“Once the Sun” has the determination to make its presence known, and they will. Through hard work, dedication, love of music, and putting on great live shows, they will captivate the attention of their fans and those willing to listen to their music
Robert Valadez    29 August 2005 06:17