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12 September 2005

Small Town
The establishment of Small Town was not something that one day just happened; it’s a concept that has been evolving over the past decade. Today, audiences in the Washington Metropolitan area are experiencing this original, energetic style of hard rock that is poised to shape the future of the music industry.

The roots were put in place back in the late ‘90’s when Bobby Eggleton (vocals) and Jeff Schwab (guitar) jammed together in high school under the entity, Head Rush. After high school, Eggleton continued singing with other acts in Baltimore and California. Meanwhile, in the spring of ‘02, Schwab was recruited by drummer Tim Mansfield for a battle of the bands competition at his college. The two formed Last Minute and quickly began playing gigs at local bars, cycling through different singers, searching for the ultimate sound. After jamming for nearly two years, Schwab stumbled upon his former frontman in Adams Morgan and lured him to a practice session the following weekend using nothing but cold Budweiser. What started out as an energy-filled, awe-inspiring jam session quickly transformed into an incredibly driven hard rock band. The guys knew, however, that this was no ordinary rock band. With the edgy, yet melodic, guitar riffs, aggressive drums and high-octane vocals, Small Town was born.

After a couple of trial bass players, the search for a permanent bassist came to an end when J.P. Antonetti joined the band. It didn’t take long for Small Town to realize that this was the missing ingredient the band was looking for. J.P. had been playing in Fair Trade, a progressive metal band, and brought a versatile bass rhythm that fused both funk and hard rock, which was exactly what was needed to complete the unique sound of Small Town. It just so happened that J.P. was not far from the Small Town circle, as he and Mansfield, like Eggleton and Schwab, also went to high school together.

With a new sound, personality and energetic performance style, the band has set a foundation of talent and experience that is now rocking the Baltimore/Washington area and beyond. It is this culmination of talent and energy that has created an unbelievably intense music experience. And just think, this is only the beginning…
Jeff Schwab    12 September 2005 06:42