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13 September 2005

Lucid Fate
Lucid Fate was founded by brothers Miah and Josh along with friend Elijah in December of 2003. Although the band met its beginning in a small town, playing a few shows, graduations, and for their local church, the trio soon grew out of their surroundings and relocated to Milwaukee, where they were able to play larger venues and originate their own sound. Since then, they put out their self-titled second demo in the summer of 2005, have played over twenty local shows, opened for Lifehouse, and added bassist Charlie to the band. Their first professional six-track EP, entitled Band Geek Success Story is due out in April 2006. Their love for music and quest for originality is apparent when listening to any of their songs. Although they are largely influenced by several of their favorite bands, they rightfully use their own style and unique way of forming music. Miah and Josh write mature, expressive, bold lyrics, rendering their songs as testimonies of their faith in God, their relationships with others, and their views on life and the world they live in. Whatever the story, whatever the outcome, Lucid Fates main destination is to provide hope and solace for themselves and for their steadily-growing fan base through their unquestionable passion to make music.
Charlie Bussian    13 September 2005 03:51