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22 September 2005

Unsigned and barely out of their teenage years, the San Antonio, TX band Ashburn has managed to make a remarkable impression in the arena of Christian Rock music. Since 2001, Ashburn has shared the stage with such national artists as The Supertones and Stavesacre as well as Australia’s hard rock hit-makers Beanbag. In 2002, Ashburn performed at LIME, a multi-night Indie Christian Music Festival in Memphis, TN. The band continues to collect an increasing fan base throughout the state of Texas and finds that their devoted following waits anxiously for Ashburn’s next musical message of hope and melody. With two EPs (one acoustic, one electric) and a previous full-length album under their belt, Ashburn is set to ignite the inner spirit of rock with their brand new full CD Light the Fire Within. Boasting a fistful of introspective lyrics, catchy hooks and highly addictive riffs, Light the Fire Within is sure to tug on the heartstrings of emo kids and please the pop-punksters as easily as it should find a home on modern rock radio. Short and sweet, the new nine-song Ashburn album simply leaves you wanting more of the angular guitar work and sugary melodies found within. With all of the record’s music and lyrics written by the band, noteworthy songs include the infectious lead track “Woe Is You”, the happily haunting nature of “Remember Me”, and the acoustic interplay of the youthful and beautiful “What We Lack”. On a final note, the live experience of Ashburn can be summed up with one word: connection. The band holds sacred their relationship with the audience at a live performance. Whether onlookers are of the Christian faith or not, Ashburn prides itself on the presentation of an uplifting and positive message to any and all who invest the time to watch and listen. Those who do will not be disappointed. Explore more about a band that rises above and burns within at Bio Courtesy of Ryan Davis at HairBall8 Records.
Mark Ramos    22 September 2005 09:31