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26 September 2005

Where are you from?
Alex: Manteca, California
Dean: Sacramento, California
Josh: Paradise, California
Thad: Huntington Beach, CA

What three musicians or bands made you want to start playing an instrument?
Alex: Kiss, Motley Crue, The Beatles
Dean: The Ox, Les Claypool, Flea
Josh: Buddy Rich, Bill Bruford (yes, king crimson), Stewart Copeland (the police)
Thad: Joan Jett (when I was like, 10), Robert Smith/The Cure, Dave Navarro/Jane's Addiction

What was your first concert, where and what year?
Alex: Y&T with Poison at the Manteca Waterslides (Oakwood Lake Resort) 1986
Dean: Cake with Jackpot at the Cattle Club, 1993 (yeah, I'm the young one)
Josh: Howard Jones and Oingo Boingo at Great America in San Jose 1985
Thad: Depeche Mode at Irvine Meadows Amphitheater, 1984

Who are your biggest musical influences (3)?
Alex: The Smiths, The Cardigans, Elliott Smith
Dean: The Who, Jimmy Eat World, Joy Division
Josh: The Police, The Motorhomes, Kent
Thad: GBV, Creeper Lagoon, The Cure

What major/known bands have you played shows with?
Alex: The Deftones, Granddaddy, Built Like Alaska
Dean: George Clinton, Louis XIV, The Avengers
Josh: Missing Persons
Thad: shiite

What are the most notable venues that you've played?
Alex: 7th Note Show Club, Bottom of the Hill, Café du Nord
Dean: Slims, The Troubadour, The Roxy, Cafe du Nord
Josh: Ash Street Saloon (Portland), Knitting Factory
Thad: Bottom of the Hill, Knitting Factory, Ash Street Saloon (Portland)
Josh Manion    26 September 2005 10:46