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03 October 2005

strikes back
Formed in San Antonio, Texas in early 2002, Strikes Back has been writing, playing, promoting and performing their own unique brand of hard rock music all over the state for the past three years now and it’s no surprise that they have begun to take Texas by storm. With music that is catchy, unforgettable, intense and, most importantly, fun, Strikes Back has had no problem winning over a variety of music lovers. “I think a lot of people have trouble categorizing our music because we write it using what we feel, not what we know,” says guitarist/lead vocalist Jon Huston. Strikes Back shows have been known to pull a crowd from all ages. Kids in grade school and college to adults can all be seen singing along at the shows. People who are into any genre (punk, metal, rock, hardcore, etc.) will find sanctuary in Strikes Back music. Drummer Bill Wilburn, bassist Michael Tellez and guitarist/vocalist Jon Huston make up the trio from the Lone Star State. With songs about those pesky life situations we all deal with, to songs about video game playing runaways from Utah, it won’t be long before you find yourself singing along.
Bill Wilburn    03 October 2005 03:54