Escaping the barriers that bind modern music is a rare and exceptionally beautiful juncture. This is precisely where Nothing More's self-proclaimed 'busy-rock' genre takes us. Nothing More thrives on diversity, flowing from a technical junkie's dream, to funk-town, down ballad avenue and back again. A local critic compares, 'It's like skinny dipping in wasabi.'

The 'Nothing More Experience' can be fully realized and appreciated as the band takes to the stage. Nothing More has justly become a MUST SEE act over the years, showcasing the world's first 4-man bass solo (4 men, 1 bass), a guitar tapping/percussion battle, an a capella chorus, a melodica/guitar solo section, integrated covers, and always a passionate performance. The Edge Magazine writes, "The entertainment of Nothing More's live show is like none I've ever seen - better-- and on top of that, the sound is kept together brilliantly, truly captivating the crowd with its intense rhythms, gripping melodies, and a continuity dedicated to a larger concept."
Josh Kercheville    05 October 2005 04:14