Beginning in February of 2003 in Waldorf, Maryland, Filmore originated with brothers Scott Bailey and Cory Clark. Later that month, drummer Brandon Malvaso came into the scene when he was introduced to the brothers by a close friend. It was a matter of days before the band had prepared a set of covers and some originals at their first show. When a fourth hand was added to distinguish themselves from other acts and give them that extra vibrancy, non other than Milton Hein was sought after by Cory Clark. Milton and Cory had met long before they could even talk for that matter. But with the band finally in place, the mindset and approach to writing all came fluently.

In writing melodically tuned songs and distinct vocals, it all seemed to be a painless task. Such innovative song writing and creative ideas come from an array of diverse musical acts and bands as: The Cure, Boxcar Racer, Sublime, Transplants, The Police and 311. With an ongoing growth and passion in the music, the band had took time in early 2005 to record and release their self-titled demo EP at Night Sky studios with Producer Chris Gibson[New York] and Mixing/Engineer Ron Vento. With help from Executive Producer and Manager, Paul Throne, the cds released in that upcoming summer, have proven impressive results with countless sales at shows and numerous local radio play. To this day they continue to sell immensely at shows.

With a never-ending growth in fan base and shows added each day, the band is continually in the process of setting up a Summer Tour expanding the entire East Coast. Living up their dreams of playing music for a living they are affecting the hearts and souls of their listeners, just as their fellow musicians and idols have done for them one day at a time.
William brandon    07 October 2005 08:12