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10 October 2005

Shades of Day
"The result is a unique musical journey that on one song might blend influences of the Grateful Dead with Blue Oyster Cult, while on another shoots through hints of bluegrass and jazzy arrangements on its way to a twist of Soundgarden and Pearl Jam. Strong percussion, melodies and vocals maintain the band's pumped-up classic rock feel that makes your hairs stand on end. But it's the well placed harmonica, sax and other musical goodies that keep listeners wanting to dig around MAYDAY's enticing grab bag of tunes..."

~Christopher Fielder VC Life & Style

"...Anyone caught in the Ojai foursome's crunchy twin guitar attack will know that this band understands and embodies the spirit of the age. Not the ACTUAL 70's, mind you, but the glorious neverland 70's that exist only in the minds of music geeks under 30 who, somewhere along the line had the good fortune to discover the first decade or so of the Stones. Rock and roll from before it was exiled from the garden, from before it knew it had anything to be embarrassed about..."

- Chris Klimek Ventura County Reporter
Brendan James    10 October 2005 03:05