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18 October 2005

The Jackal Headed Front
Though conceived out of Middle America and birthed in Hollywood, The Jackal Headed Front is not simply another rock band drowning beneath the indulgence of excess. It is a musical project—a sonic ideal derived from five musicians sharing their unique visions of the world through sound _expression.

Building upon folk, punk, post punk, jazz, classical, and classic rock; The Jackal Headed Front surgically shifts styles within and between songs, while maintaining a continuity of spirit and strong cohesive bond. The end result is an engaging language with flowing dialog between audience and performer.

Through the search for _expression, “The Front” has dabbled in elements of modernism, post modernism, pop culture, and found art; thematically weaving both highbrow and lowbrow thread into its tapestry.

“The Front” strives to find the perfect voice from which to convey its vision through eclectic instrumentation, and experimentation with digital and analog electronics.

Dynamic live performances are designed to evoke passion and stimulate emotion. Simultaneously precise and spacious, they allow the music to breathe; enveloping the audience in a barrage of stimulating sound bordering on auditory assault.

When the smoke clears, The Jackal Headed Front provides a warm feeling of familiarity to humanity—a welcoming invitation to experience life.
Mark Holden    18 October 2005 03:44