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28 October 2005

Brian Copeland Band
After playing nearly ten years in the northwest music scene with funk and jam bands (Pale Green Pants, The Furleys), Brian Copeland is returning to his roots and focusing on structured melodic pop tunes - songs that strike a chord with people, songs that people really feel. Enter his new project, the Brian Copeland Band. Since the release of the band’s debut recording “Daffodil” in 2003, folks have been taking notice. Portland newspaper Willamette Week says: "The Brian Copeland Band is a lot like a northwest version of Matchbox 20...both projects contain pop orchestrations so sweet they'd leave Bigfoot a drooling, drunken beast." In addition, the CDs title track "Daffodil" recently made it to the semi-finals of the international songwriters contest. Finally, the band is currently in the semifinals of the Emergenza International Music Festival being held in April at Portland’s Dante’s. Copeland and his band have spent the past few months in the studio putting the finishing touches on their second recording due out this spring.

With mature songwriting and a new recording, the Brian Copeland Band delivers powerful magnetic pop with rock and funk flavors. This time around, Copeland has joined forces with lead guitarist/vocalist Jon Taubman. Jon’s jazz background (he holds a jazz composition degree) combined with his keen pop sense and vocal capabilities make him a key addition to the band. Taubman blends sweet lead lines and vocal harmonies with Copeland’s rhythmic strumming and lead vocals to give the band its warm, multi-layered sound. Also joining Copeland is the talented, heavy-duty rhythm section comprised of Rob Schrecongost (bass guitar) and Wayne Thompson (drums). In addition to performing with the full band, Copeland and Taubman perform acoustic versions of the songs as a duo.

Copeland is currently working with producer Josh Millman (the Superficials) and engineer Kevin Hahn (Red Sector) on the follow-up recording to Daffodil, the band’s 2003 debut. The band has compiled a three-song demo of newly recorded material, which reflects the growth of the band over the past year and the development of a more cohesive pop “sound”. The result: high-energy pop arrangements filled with powerful vocal and guitar hooks. The demo highlights Copeland’s arranging and production chops, as well as his talents as a singer and guitarist. As a result of his song-oriented approach to writing and collaborating with talented musicians over the years, Copeland has grown not only as a musician, but also as a songwriter. “I feel the new recording is my strongest so far, which is partially a result of playing with so many great players over the years.” The diversity of the songs is a definite strong point, with the main focus always on the melodies and songs.
Brian Copeland    28 October 2005 08:15