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10 November 2005

Uptown Creepers
This San Antonio band has set themselves apart from the usual cookie-cutter fare of bands since forming in 2004. Ignoring pop and emo trends, Uptown Creepers has developed and stayed true to their unique style, taking the catchy rhythm of ska and the raw energy of punk rock to make original music that..'s at once aggressive and fun. With an explosive live show to match their high-energy sound, Uptown Creepers has earned their reputation as one of the more exciting bands to watch these days. Giving 100% at every show has garnered them a legion of exceptionally supportive and dedicated fans that grows by word of mouth with every show. In the current musical climate, when many have turned their backs on anything ska or ska/punk, Uptown Creepers refuses to compromise, continuing to make great music, and showing no sign of bowing to trends.
David Cruz band mate    10 November 2005 10:12