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29 December 2005

NUMA played their first show on November 11th, 2005 at the Grog and Tankard in Washington DC. The band, however, took over a year to form. Many different musicians have been involved at different points in time. Some fit in to the mix, some didn't, some did and weren't committed.
Guitarist/Songwriter Nick Samuels hooked up with bassist Bryan Lindamood, formerly of local funk/rock outfit NFC, in early 2005. The two started jamming on songs that Nick had written solo acoustic that had big possibilities. A sound was envisioned that had all the intensity and energy of hard rock, but with a rhythm section that really grooved and vocals that were truly unique. The next few months were spent auditioning potential musicians around the area. It takes time to get a sound that everyone involved likes, many thought it wouldn't happen.
They finally found what they were looking for in drummer Adam Taff and vocalist Roosevelt Abney, formely of Philly's Burden's Fair. At first the idea of having a vocalist with a gospel background front a hard rock band seemed a little out there, but it felt right and the connection was undeniably there. Great music is created when the instincts are trusted over the intellect.
Given the amount of influences and experience that each member brings to the table, it's hard to lump the band into any one category. NUMA isn't interested in playing music strictly in any one genre. The best music creates its own. The songwriting is distinct and accessible, yet never compromising. Some tunes are heavy, some are chill, but most importantly they all groove. An element that's been absent from modern rock for too long.
In the next few months Numa will be playing sporadic shows in Northern Virginia, DC and beyond. They're going into the studio in late March to record their first EP, so be on the lookout for a CD release in April and a website coming soon at Thanks to everybody who's involved with making this band successful and please support local ORIGINAL music.
Nickolas Rebecca    29 December 2005 09:31