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09 April 2006

By Jeff Milosevich

Music is an expression, its a way to kind of communicate with something else, because out of all the art forms, music you cant touch it, its a very spiritual feeling, said Jeremy Freer, lead singer of the band known by his last name. Its an expression of the soul, added his brother and guitar player Jeffrey. With Mike and Nick on bass and drums, the band have been playing Detroit for roughly half a year, catching audiences off-guard with atmospheric, piano-laden folk-rock that blends the earnestness of major influences Muddy Waters and Sam Cook and the eccentric creativity of The Clash and Radiohead.

A steady diet of blues and Motown guided the boys of Freer to their musical destiny. Freer are about expression. Music is a way to get through and I think thats lost on pop culture, Jeremy said.

Having played since he was a kid, Jeremy has spent time in a number of bands(FieldTree, Lucida) throughout the past few years and played around Chicago. In the spirit of Jerry Lee Lewis, hes not afraid to thrash the piano to grind out the soul of a song.

Freer evade any niche: the guitars are spacey and exhilarating, the percussion is precise and the songwriting, always a collaborative effort, is overwhelming.
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JEREMY FREER    09 April 2006 04:10