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24 August 2006

Known As Jones
They played their first show, self booked and promoted, to almost 100 screaming fans. Since that fateful day, Known As Jones has been on a rollercoaster of ups and downs. Rotating through drummers six times, before finally ending up with Jake in the current lineup (He had previously been in the band once already, before getting a broken collarbone and subsequently being forced to drop.) They had also had a guitarist prior to Mike, who is now in the band Kratos, based out of Lansing.

The band started as a very lackluster pop punk band, with songs written by Ryan and Kyle for a different band entirely. When that band broke up, Kyle, Ryan, and the other two initial members started this band.

Slowly, as members rotated and the band began shifting their interests and talents, the band began writing more provocative riffs and lyrics, while still keeping many of the melody and harmony driven vocals they had started with. The result: a brand of music all their own. Drawing influence from Thrice, Funeral for a Friend, As I Lay Dying, and Lamb of God, they have created something angry, chaotic, and beautiful.
Mike Wall    24 August 2006 02:06