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29 August 2006

Spawning from a scene with an overflow of indie/emo music and bands, comes a band that meshes everything that any music scene has to offer. [Self-titled] brings a mix of metal guitar riffs with flailing solos, complex drum beats, technical slap bass lines and passionate vocals.

The band consists of long time friends kevin lagerquist (bass), Adam Dorazio (drums), Shaun Churches (Lead guitar), and John Baron (vocals). The band originally formed in 2003, they split due to various reasons. Lineup changes were then made, countless amounts of replacements were taken in, but nothing ever made it to the level that they wanted it to be, or to the level that they would become.

In 2005 they reunited, they practiced for the most part in Shauns basement. Together they began to form their, complex, yet intricate songs that break from the mold of the music scene today.

After much practice and writing, they completed a short set. The band decided to record two of their songs, "Guilty Conscience" and "Breaking Away". Promoting through myspace, the songs instantly caught attention, soon with more work and constant writing, [Self-titled] played their first show at a sports complex.

The music instantly caught attention. In such a short time and a young age, the band was able to bring energy, passion, and skill all together. With songs ranging the music spectrum, they combine songs of hate, sorrow, regret, and relationship problems, while still sticking to their roots.

In due time, the band played more shows. And in more time, they decided to put together a 5 song EP called "The Voice of Reason", recorded at tibuta records June 2006. The EP collects the energy that [Self-Titled] never fails to bring to the stage.

There is a bright future in store for [Self-Titled]. The band is forming together in the writing space once again to write a whole new set. They hope to bring together fans once again, and keep them intrigued in the new music.
Kevin Lagerquist    29 August 2006 12:36