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30 August 2006

Suitable Paradise
Suitable Paradise was formed in Swartz Creek, Michigan in early 2005 by guitarists Brandon Pero and Andrew Everett. They began writing songs and jamming with local musicians. The band really got rolling in late 2005 when Andy switched to playing the drums and they recruited Tyler Scott on bass guitar and Dayne Hopkins on lead guitar. Suitable Paradise was a jam band with no lyrics, the four members just fed off each others energy and felt the musical vibes they began attracting attention from friends and local music fans with their original reggae sound and hard rock edge. Suitable Paradise moved into the basement of friend Nate McKenzie and soon brought in Nate on djembe and Andys brother Paul in on bongos. The band began playing shows every week and recorded a six song demo, however Nate lost the house and the band lost its jam spot and to top it all off Andy and Paul lost interest and quit. The band went on a short hiatus, but soon got things rolling again when Nate and newly recruited vocalist Kyle McDougall began writing lyrics for the songs and thus finishing the writing process. The band needed to find a new drummer, through a contact Aaron Joyce was brought in but due to scheduling conflicts didnt last very long, the band rerecorded the demo with lyrics and soon after brought in Matt Chrisler as the new drummer, which brings us up to date, with the demo finished and lineup complete, the band hopes to play lots of shows, promote the demo and bring their unique style of music to more than just their friends and family in Swartz Creek. Suitable Paradise is all about feeling the musical vibes!!!!
Nathan Mckenzie    30 August 2006 03:41