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03 September 2006

Happy Ending
Happy Ending was formed in 2005 in Seattle by guitarist/vocalist D.D. Valentine, drummer Chanel Summers, and bassist Brian Lemon. Emerging as part of the new wave of post-grunge Punk/Heavy Metal bands populating the Northwest rock scene, Happy Ending actually owes more to the stadium rock, rockabilly and metal movements of the '80s: their sound is equal parts T. Rex, AC/DC, Social Distortion, Motley Crue, and Led Zeppelin. In its own way, Happy Ending is a reaction against the self-absorbed emo and lumbering nu-metal movements of the early '00s. Happy Ending's rock is minimalist, humorous at times, but always raw, ugly rock and roll at its core: basic, gritty and honest with a solid hard, bluesy base. The band's infamous antics, raunchy swagger and unique stage theatrics contrast with a lean, dirty, riff-oriented set that ranges from ballads to scorchers. Still, no matter how huge and bludgeoning the guitar chords and drum beats are, there is a clear sense of space and restraint. And by toning down metal's traditional heavy riffs in favor of melody and message, Happy Ending are poised for crossover success.
Chanel Summers    03 September 2006 02:39