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04 September 2006

The story of this band is just getting started, there are still many chapters unwritten....but here goes..... The four of us moved to Nashville to study music and recording. We all came from different backrounds. Toby from New York, Ryan from St. Louis, and Ross and Gabriel from Mississippi. Telepress' music started out by playing the songs of Ryan Hurtgen. It then progressed into it's own with the additional ideas of everyone in the band. Now we are a band which is very collaborative musically, with the lyrics and vocal melodies still from Ryan. The band consists of piano, guitar, drum, bass, and female backing vocals. It is baroque rock at times with an emphasis on very melodic vocals. The guitars are rich and thick and they do not need to show off. Toby plays like a rock drummer who sticks to the hat and snare which gives our music a danceable quality. And Gabriel's bass is like the backbone of the music...holding us up, but underneath it. And last but not least, Molly and Denetia bring a power to the music that only strong female voices can. (Thankyou ladies, you are the secret ingredient in this thing.) The lyrics and music range from sad and serious to fun and whimsical, always culturally aware, often dealing with social structures and the ironies of life in the early 21st century. We are currently in the studio recording a record which we all feel has great potential and are very excited about. But that's all we will say for now. You can hear it when it's completed to make up your own mind.
Tobin Sio    04 September 2006 04:29