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08 October 2006

Save.Our.Stereo. or “s.o.stereo.” began as a project to do exactly that. Three guys who knew each of them were different but could all agree that good music, good music with heart is going to speak for itself. They feel if you can walk the line between genres, gender, and commercialism you will have people on your side. Bradley Davis the acoustic/singer/songwriter brings back a passion for songwriting that’s been lacking recently, and a voice coupled with endless melodies that allow his lyrics to pierce through to the heart of the matter. Brandon Furr, an unbelievable bass player and musician, finds himself in the balance between rhythm and lead. His bass lines not only compliment the beat but also provide a backing melody for Davis’s vocals. Jimmy Meyers, the backbone of the project, began teaching High School drumline at a different school before he had even graduated. Ghost notes and timing most drummers would kill for allow Meyers to impress even the experienced while at the same time giving the rest of us something to tap our foot to. The three consider themselves young as a band, young as musicians, and just young overall but this seems to excite them the most. The energy and passion put into their music is mature beyond its time, and there is this obvious sense of anxiety in these three to grow but what a start. Davis has even said “This album (“gray”) will be how we are defined as a band, and I can’t think of a better definition.”
Justin Payseur    08 October 2006 01:56