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11 October 2006

Sound and Shape
From coast to coast, Sound and Shape has created a pulse that is nothing less than electric. Leaving audiences stunned and speechless, Sound and Shape continues to pound forth with their "in your face, energetic rock and roll." No other band displays such intensity and emotion, both on stage and on their recordings. Consisting of Ryan Caudle - guitar/vocals, Avery Gardner - bass, and Jerry Pentecost - drums and percussion, this power trio has become the thunderous, driving force behind Nashville's real rock and roll scene. Sound and Shape are one of the few contemporary bands that create good, honest music. Even in a world where the industry only cares about what sells easily or what is going to be the next big thing, Sound and Shape still manage to overcome and make passionate music with style and grace. With their debut album, "Where Machines End Their Lives" already out on Smithseven Records, the album has reached the homes, ears, and hearts of many. But it doesn't end here. Plans to become very familiar with the states are already in play as well as a European tour set for early 2007. Get ready ladies and gentlemen; the rock and roll revolution will be brought to the bodies and souls of every brother and sister. You will soon see and hear all that is Sound and Shape and it will be an experience you won't forget.
Avery or Dean Gardner    11 October 2006 03:07