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17 November 2006

Grace Woods Trio
<strong>Grace Woods</strong>, the singer/songwriter, hails from the Lamorinda area of Northern California where family jams and sing alongs raised her to write and sing music from an early age. She writes the piano music and the lyrics to all of her original songs.
Grace's music can be described as a cross between jazz and pop, a soulful mix between the tone of a 50's lounge siren and the moodiness of Tori Amos. Grace takes a "lyrics first" approach to songwriting, as she believes the message is the biggest draw for her music.</p>
<strong>Whitney Jacobson</strong> plays the drums and writes piano music for the band. He's a Berkeley native most widely known for his role as the drummer of Doctor Masseuse, a Berkeley-based funk band, and for his jazz and reggae background. He's an avid appreciator of live music, frequently supporting other local bands and attending shows. When not playing the drums or poker, he can be found tapping along to one of the many grooves in his unfathomably large CD collection. He has played more shows to date than Joe and Grace combined.</p><strong>Joe Hickey</strong> began songwriting back East in Maryland before moving West to complete his doctorate in Chemistry at Cal. He currently plays the electric bass, guitar and flute on various songs, as well as writing the chords for a song or two. Unlike the typical "coathanger" bass player (Grace made that up), Joe actually exists on stage -- in fact, he really enjoys playing the bass, his first rock instrument. Joe's love for live performance led him to make his solo debut CD a collection of those live performances. Information on that project and more personal info can be found at <a href=""></a></p>
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