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21 December 2006

SplinterFuse brings a mix of influences and a high energy stage show that has been missing from the Philadelphia area for a long time. They have already played some of the biggest venues in the Philadelphia area including The Trocadero and Grape Street Philadelphia. This band brings you a unique fusion of talents to open your eyes to the type of music that most of us have been searching for, but sadly could not find. With breakneck guitar riffs and a crafty blend of their influences Danny Mac and Jeff Foley take the art of playing guitar and up the ante. SJ infuses progressive low-end grooves that alter the way you look at the bass. PatRock drops an individualistic cadance that gives each tune their own identity. The melodic yet aggresive vocals of Bill Weisel make this band a breathe of fresh air to the Philly Hard Rock/Metal scene. Coming soon to rock out at a venue near you........don't say we didnt warn ya.
Shaun Jordan    21 December 2006 01:08