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24 January 2007

This band is a lot like other bands, mutual friends, trouble, drugs, and lack of better things to do. most of us are locals (except mark). mark is from cali. so, its kinda nice to have some coast in the band. all were in previous bands, but disliking the styles, and or members. its cool that we all dig the same shit here. mark was in a blues bar band for a sum of years, brandon was in a punk band with drew, and thompson was in a band with his brother josh. mark has a minor in music from purdue. brandon has played for 10 years, jason and josh have played for 13 years, and mark has played 16 years. brandon (22), drew (23) jason (23) josh (26) mark (28). a decent age range. we all love pearl jam and nirvana a lot. anything from the early nineties. music nowadays is processed and forcefed. who can dig something that is made to be overplayed and be sold @ walmart. this is about making music that is influential and enjoyable. this is about what comes with a band, being outrageous, having fun, playing gigs, getting girls, and doing the best you can at it. the best part of being in a band...... i think (brandon) is the applause and response. everything else will follow. these songs will have a lot of heart in them and they are here for you to enjoy.... so......enjoy
jason thompson    24 January 2007 01:13