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02 October 2007

exit 26
The band exit 26 started with bassist and vocalist Alex Trantanella, and guitarist Matt Brown. they were previously in a band called Commando 450 with some friends but it fell apart. with alex and matt still playing and writing music. they set off on a new adventure to find a drummer and give themselves a new title and a new band. finding a drummer was luckily not difficult. their friend Ethan used to play drums in a metal band and was extremely talented. the three set off on the new adventure and called themselves Alliance for Hire. just as quick as that name was made up. it was tossed. one day, coming back from a plus 44 concert, Alex and his friend were talking. Alex pointed out that he didnt like his band name and wished to change it. his idea was to call it whatever the first words he saw were. so on the highway exit 26 showed up and there it was. surprisingly on a different highway that same exit is the one to bedford. their home town. after practicing for a bit. the band wrote around three songs. the band was finally set. and ready to write more songs and have fun.
Alex Trantanella    02 October 2007 06:29