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09 November 2007

Super Sport
In the spring of 1997 in Dallas, Texas, Chris Radle broke away from psycho-billy punk band The Strafers to form SuperSport. SuperSport soon became known as an underground band influenced by roots American Rock-n-Roll and Punk. The band spent the next six years playing regularly in the Deep Ellum and Lower Greenville districts along with touring the Texas circuit of Austin, San Antonio, and Houston. They also did several cross-country tours.

SuperSport has released two full-length albums, "The First Thirteen" and "Nowhere Fast". Throughout this time SuperSport gained great experience playing shows with bands like The Jesus Lizard, Super Suckers, Reverend Horton Heat, Bowling for Soup, Fugazi and many more.

SuperSport played several years on both the North Texas Music Festival and the Fort Worth Music Festival lineups. After six years, the band was moved to a place where their unique sound would get more attention from larger labels and audiences.

The band was reformed in 2004 with Long Beach drummer Noal Brown. Originally from Canada, Noal moved to Long Beach and has been a fixture of the music scene since his teens. As a veteran of the local punk scene, Noal brought a lot of experience and street credibility to the new Super Sport. He has been the drummer for Channel 3, Mortiis, Crash and Burn, The Pimps of Hazard and several others. Noal also added extensive touring experience having toured all over the United States and Canada, as well as five tours in Europe.

Throughout Noal's playing, he teamed up with Derek Venutolo. Upon securing the position in SuperSport, he quickly added Derek to the project. Derek brought a solid sound to complete the rhythm section.

The three-piece is currently working on a third full-length record to compliment the many singles released and shows played in the last nine years. The band is bringing their highly energetic show to venues all over Southern California with plans for an upcoming tour in the works. A four-song CD is currently available with the new CD to be completed in the spring of 2008. Be on the lookout for a new video as well!
Christopher Radle    09 November 2007 03:02