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13 November 2007

The WormWood Project
The WormWood Project is the brain child of...
Aubrey Britt Bailey, (Formerly with PeopleCrushingPeople/Dismal),
And Brandon Lee Gaines
(a SGT. KICKASS member, and former member of Lace Labor) on Halloween of 2001.
4 years later Casey Gaskins joined on guitar after leaving the army, Followed by the amazing Matthew David on bass. The band was then blessed with the amazing drumming of Wes Kalberg to complete the project.Recently Casey had left because he was moving to Germany where good friend of the band Chris Patton was added to the line up.
We are inspired by bands who are Lyrically amazing as they are musically.
which is what we are doing, to have the words mean more than the music. Its the message that matters. Thats what sets us apart from local bands.
We use the music and lyrics to heal, so we can heal in hopes that you will find something deeper in the meaning.
Aubrey never speaks of what the songs are about, because what ever that draws you to the art or the lyrics, is for you. its your interpretation. We are TheWormWood Project and "We Aim To Try"
Brandon Lee Gaines    13 November 2007 09:11