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Skunk Oil

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Noeazy, their interview.

Korean band is preparing to Taubertal Open Air Festival!

You have participated in the Emergenza Festival Edition 2015/2016. What made you decide to take part in it?
We submitted to the Daejeon area, hearing that it gives us a chance to play at great clubs with a variety of other bands. We never, in a million years, thought that we would make it to the Korean finals and actually WIN!

As you approach the world final, what is your state of mind?
It’s our first time playing in Europe, and still can’t believe we’ve been given the opportunity to play at such a big festival. We are very grateful, and really hope to make it count and memorable. We competed with bands with amazing talent to get here, so we plan to give it our all and try to do Korea proud.

What is your best memory from your Emergenza experience?
Definitely the Korean finals. There is such a variety of bands in Emergenza and a lot of new audiences not familiar with our genre of music; it was a great experience to see them open up and become more and more interested.

What's behind your band's name? Any specific meaning?
It’s a combination of the word ‘Noisy’ and ‘No(t) easy’. At the time, we needed to come up with a band name quickly so we just made it up overnight. We haven’t been able to find a better name and it just stuck. And the guy who made the name left the band soon after, and the specific meaning got lost forever…

If you had to choose a famous song that represents your band....which one would it be?
It best represents what we pursue musically, and it’s a song where both the band and the audience can really have fun. We were true to ourselves and just full on had lots of fun when making the MV for this song too.

Can you tell us a funny story or anecdote about your experience on stage? And one which happened in backstage or during the preparation of a show?
We were on our way to our debut show after releasing the first EP, and we got stuck in horrible traffic. Let’s just say, one of our guitarists and the singer had to ‘improvise’ to answer the call of nature.. (Not sure it’s something funny, or something we whould be apologizing about..??)
While shooting the MV for ‘Decay’, the bassist got her jaw busted when she fell off a long board face first.  She had to go to the ER to get stitched up and still has a tiny scar from it, but the scene made it into the MV and we still think it was quite funny.. and dumb. (Who in their right mind rides a long board on all fours like a dog, downhill?!)
We tend to move and jump around a lot when performing, so we had our fair share of accidents. The singer’s microphone cable wrapped around the guitar head and the tuning got messed up, the bassist fell over from jumping around so much and broke the 15m cable (which didn’t belong to us.. still very sorry by the way), and the guitarist knocking over the drum microphone and so on. Of course, the Emergenza stage is HUGE so we are guessing we’ll be ok this time. haha

How would you describe your music?
Our music is based on the new wave of American heavy metal (a.k.a. NWOAM, or metalcore) from the mid 2000s, but these days we try to deviate from the typical metalcore formula and appeal to a wider range of audience. Our shows are not just fun to listen to, but also fun to watch! So hopefully anyone, even if they are not heavy music fans, can have a great time with us!

Before you go on stage, do you have a ritual or a good luck charm that goes everywhere with you?
Usually (we are guessing) bands warm their hands up by strokes, picking, hand stretching and so on before the show, but we do warm up exercises so that we can jump around better and prevent injuries!
Also, it’s not so much a good luck charm, but we tend to put on better shows when the members are feeling somewhat under the weather and tired. Yes, very strange, we know.

What is your dream gig?
An outdoor rock festival stage with lots and lots of audiences. We have a feeling that the Emergenza World Final is going to be our dream gig!

What can audiences expect from one of your live performances?
Get ready to be surprised! They’ll end up thinking ‘This is so much more fun than I expected!’, and for bonus, get to see band members way more out of breath than they are.

If you could invite a band or an artist at your party, dead or alive, who would it be?
Each of us secretly have our own heroes, but we all agree that we would LOVE to party with Lamb of God!

What are your short to medium term plans after the international final?
We will continue playing at local live clubs and write new songs, and organize shows with our fellow bands we love. Basically, just go back to being an ordinary indie band, probably. We just hope that we get to do this for a long long time, having as much fun as we are now.

What inspires you when you are composing (musical inspirations or others)?
(G) I use any good riffs that come to mind randomly to start off, or get inspired by and develop the experiences that pissed me off.
(V) I get ideas for new songs when I listen to new bands or new genres of music, or old music I used to listen to when I was younger. For writing the words, I takes notes of things from everyday life, work, the news, books, or personal experiences.

What question did I forget?
Do you speak any German?
Uh.. Rammstein?? Unfortunately, that’s about all the German we know.  

Why do you think you deserve to win the 2016 Festival edition?
I’m not sure what things are like in Europe, but in Korea, heavy music is very underground, and not so popular. Famous hip hop musicians headline the Korean rock festivals, and mostly bands playing music on the mellow side play at those festivals. Of course, we aren’t saying that we think any less of the musicians from the other genres. But the reality is, since heavy music is unpopular, even the great bands in the scene have very little opportunity to get exposure, and the isolation of the heavy music scene becomes worse and worse.
We try to overcome that obstacle by entering various festivals and contests, to help more people realize that heavy music isn’t so scary or difficult, that it can be as much fun as the more popular types of music. Give them a new perspective, maybe.
Just like our win in the Korean Emergenza finals that no one ever expected, we want to surprise the new audience with our music and performances in Europe too. And who knows, people could keep clapping and cheering us on without even realizing, and we might end up winning the grand prize! haha