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Interview with Danish winners RAIN

We met up with the Danish winners RAIN at the famous club Pumpehuset in Copenhagen

You have participated in the Emergenza Festival Edition 2017/2018. What made you decide to take part in it?
Honestly we just wanted to try out our songs with a live audience, and give our friends a chance to see what we spent the last couple of years doing. Emergenza seemed like the perfect platform to play a short concert at a popular venue. 

As you approach the world final, what is your state of mind?
We’re both overwhelmed and proud to be at this final stage. We set out wanting to try our set and then it skyrocketed from there. We’re looking forward to stand on the big stage and we’re both super stoked and mindblown, that we are getting to live this childhood rockstardream. 

What is your best memory from your Emergenza experience?
One of the best memories of Emergenza was when we got off stage at the Danish finals at Pumpehuset, and the whole audience continued to scream the final chorus of our last song up until the next band started to play, and continued out in the courtyard for ages. 

What's behind your band's name? Any specific meaning?
We live in Denmark. It rains here all the time and people are always talking about rain. It’s short, it’s catchy AND it’s caps-locked. And also the sky is providing a whole lot of free merchandise, during the whole year in Denmark. 

If you had to choose a famous song that represents your band...which one would it be?
“Have You Ever Seen The Rain” by Creedence Clearwater Revival - That's one is a hell of a good commercial. For musical reference, we would advise you to listen to Joy Division and The Smiths.

Can you tell us a funny story or anecdote about your experience on stage? And one which happened in backstage or during the preparation of a show ?
At our second Emergenza concert, our drummer got a little too excited and got a heavy nosebleed out of the blue. Luckily a couple of girls at the front row was able to provide him with some tampons. Thank you ladies!

How would you describe your music?
We’re trying to bring back the sound of the british 80’s new wave scene. We all come from a lot of different musical backgrounds, but people tend to reference our style with the likes of Joy Division, New Order, The Cure and so on. 

Before you go on stage, do you have a ritual or a good luck charm that goes everywhere with you?
As our lead guitarist spends at least two hours checking himself out in the mirror before we go on stage, we don’t have time to do any kind of ritual, So that’s a no, we’re not a football team ;) 

What is your dream gig?
As we all spend the most of our summers at the Danish Roskilde Festival, we all share a dream of going there to play a concert in the future. That would be our abosolute dream gig! 

What can audiences expect from one of your live performances?
We try to do an energic stage show, with a great contact with the audiences. You can expect a combination of electrifying vibes and catchy hooks to sing along to. 

If you could invite a band or an artist at your party, dead or alive, who would it be?
We heard David Bowie and The Rolling Stones went on tour together in the eighties. That sounds like the party of the century. We’d like to tag along for that one! 

What are your short to medium term plans after the international final?
The plan is to spend the autumn recording an EP and hopefully play some concerts around Denmark. And then we definitely hope to cash in on that first prize and go on a tour around Europe ;)  

What inspires you when you are composing (musical inspirations or others) ?
We tend to take inspiration in the things going on in our lives both personally but also the things happening around us, both locally and worldwide, emotionally and aestetically. 

What question did I forget? 
Well, we would like to share the bands we’re looking forward to see here at Taubertal Festival 2018. We’re all looking forward to see Editors and SWMRS. You should all go and check those bands out. Besides all the cool bands at the Emergenza Final!

Why do you think you deserve to win the 2018 Festival edition?
We’ve been working our asses off getting to here, and we really think we bring something exciting to the table. In these years where hip hop are killing the meanings of a true rockstar, we desperately try to bring back that electrifying and captivating stage show, along with catchy thoughtful rock songs … and great looks ;)