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27 July 2008

Blonde Bazaar
There was a time when music wasn't simply recited, but performed....with blood and sweat. Blonde Bazaar was born out of a struggle to perform: a drive to deliver something with intensity and momentum.

A lot has happened since Blonde Bazaar arrived on the scene less than a year ago, and people certainly are interested. Blonde Bazaar started with lifelong friends Brian Winters, Tyler Smith, and Adam McNamara. A stroke of luck brought the three together with the gorgeous Ashley Benatar, who completed their sound as vocalist. Since then, the band has worked relentlessly to make itself seen and heard, sparing no sacrifice or expense. On the band's work ethic, singer Ashley Benatar says, "It is very important to us that we execute our performance not only with musical precision, but also with physical movement and visual expression. It's easy to underestimate how difficult this can be." This ethic has paid off for the band as they have entertained audiences big and small with their unique rhythmic patterns, refreshing melodies, and sexually charged athleticism.

"We aren't looking to write a catalogue of cheap thrills. We want people to remember these songs next year," says bassist Tyler Smith. This is readily apparent in the music as each song is written as more of a story than a simple pop commodity. The recent E.P. "Blacke on Blonde" has been labeled as progressive pop, post-punk, dance, new-wave, old-wave, no-wave, and any other number of things, but no one will ever accuse it of being boring. In the words of guitarist Brian Winters, the music can be summed up as "syncopated, sexual, and that makes people move and think."

The band expects to move forward in an aggressive cycle of writing and performing. "What the band next door is doing doesn't really concern us", says drummer Adam McNamara, "We are playing the music we love to play, and we don't see that ever changing".
Brendon Crawford    27 July 2008 09:29